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Friday, June 6, 2014

My Offer of Representation

I wanted to keep this short, sweet, and to the point. Today I got a literary agent, and I did something I hardly ever do in my 'tomboy/too cool to possibly do that' life. I did an actual sqweeeeeeeeeee! And on an occasion like that you don't just go, "Oh hey. You know that dream I've had for my whole life? Yeah. That one. Well I did it."
And if you don't...well it's time to double-check those meds my friend, because your life must have no meaning.
I know that people will probably ask and wonder and want to know how it happened, so I thought it might be easier to write it, since you know, that is what I do. Officially.
You don't know how close I came to squealing just then. Again.
About five years ago I became a part of an amazing writing group. They challenged me and bet on me and helped me in every way a writer's group possibly can. Seriously love those folks! You can find our site here. Writers Cubed
We have been a really tight, close-knit group since the beginning, and one of my favorite people in that group, Jo Schaffer, recently became a literary agent. I knew she would seriously rock at it. She pretty much dominates anything she sets her mind to. We are amazing friends, so when she asked me over to her house, I thought we were going to watch some videos and talk through the whole thing like we usually do.
This time...no.
Jo asked me to be her very first client. ME. And inside I was totally like...
While on the outside I was like...
But really it was a no brainer. I trust Jo. I know she will fight for me and tell me the truth if something I wrote sucked. She has a freaking Black Belt for heavens sake.
Today...this happened!

I am now OFFICIALLY a client of GH Literary Management.
And it is scary and awesome and indescribably surreal and
So let's do this thing Jo. I'm ready to dominate the world together. :-)


Jo Schaffer said...

Totally excited, Margie! You're so talented.
Doing this!

LK Gardner-Griffie said...

Just thought I'd post a welcome to my new agency mate. Glad to meet you.


Write Chick said...

Thanks LK and Jo! Excited to be a part of the team. :-)

Roland D. Yeomans said...

As Obi-Wan told Luke: "You have taken your first step into a larger world."

Margie, may your book soon be picked up and your sales be the highest! :-)

Anonymous said...

So happy for two people I love!