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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tip My Hat Tuesday--For the first and probably only time

In navigating this blogging world, I've seen so many day of the week posts. Manuscript Mondays, Wordless Wednesdays, etc. I've always wanted to get to the point of posting something every single day and having each day dedicated to something specific.


I'm so NOT good at that. Anything that I HAVE to do every day becomes a job and I didn't start blogging because I wanted another full time job. I started blogging because I like to write. So far, writing is my hobby . . . NOT my job. And until I make a million dollars from it, I fear it will remain that way.

TODAY I am beginning a days of the week thing. But not posting every day, every week. Just off and on. I've decided Tuesdays will be my day to praise, pedistal-ize, and otherwise worship something that I love. I call it 'Tip My Hat' Tuesday.

This Tuesday, I'd like to TIP MY HAT to a very special group of people who have basically changed my life--or at least have given me permission to 'have a life'.


Writer's Cubed is my writing group. I met these wonderful people at a community writing class I spur-of-the-moment signed up for about a year-and-a-half ago. Until that point in my life, I assumed it was my duty to be a "Working Mom". Because I worked all day, I was REQUIRED to stay home with my children every night. It was what was fair to them. In retrospect, it made me grumpy, resentful, and otherwise a major Bee-otch.

I had always loved writing and finally decided to do something about it. I took this class. I sat through every session, not saying a single word. *Cause that's how I roll*. At the end of the sessions, one wonderful person (Jen :-)) mentioned starting a writing group and put her number up there.

I immediately signed up and from that moment on--MY LIFE CHANGED. It was okay for me to work full time, take care of my children, AND do something for myself. It started as a once a month thing--then became a bi-weekly thing--and is now a once a week thing. This is great for me because. . . I LOVE THESE PEOPLE.

They are witty, funny, a little crass (so much like me), and very supportive. They think like writers, and totally get when I point out that the empty warehouse downtown could possibly be a portal to another world. (haha). As a matter of fact, they wouldn't hardly bat an eyelash if I did say something like that (sort of).

I also love that we don't limit ourselves to discussing only writing. Movies, life-stories, politics, the use of Red Bull as a stimilant, and the fear on people's faces have all been discussed and analyzed...and that is completely AWESOME with me.

Basically, they are my support network for life. And that is why we are Writers Cubed. A cube is equal on every side, at any one time any side can be the base, and multiplied together we are three times more than we could ever be alone. And so I

TIP MY HAT to these people. My friends.

Thanks for your support and encouragement.

Now it is your turn to tip your hat to someone or something you love in your life. Who is your support network? Who lifts you up when you want to discontinue trying? Give them a SHOUT-OUT now! :-)

BTW, Writer's CUBED...We REALLY need to get a new picture taken. :-)


Mama Kat said...

So jealous! I Want a Writer's group!!

Reana said...

Your so awesome Margie, thanks for helping me feel, that I do have a place in the group. And your so right we need a new picture. :)

Kristina P. said...

What a great group to belong to!

And I am with you on the feeling like a job. Which is why I could never be a columnist or do anything that had a deadline.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh. Thanks Margie. Right back at you, sis. I Tip-My-Hat to my husband for loving me enough to respect my need to ditch him from time to time. Seriously, he's so great that way.

Jojomama said...

I say it again--I love us. looove the Cubies.
Tippin' my hat to the you all and my awesome hubs who supports me in this crazy writing thingy and my band of merry, ferel geniuses.

The Urban Cowboy said...

That is awesome, I need to find a group I could join where I'm at...especially if it's full of gorgeous women like yours! ;)

The Urban Cowboy said...

That is awesome, I need to find a group I could join where I'm at...especially if it's full of gorgeous women like yours! ;)

loislane said...

Ok, I feel like crying. Stop it already. Oh, and I agree with the picture. It's definitely outdated. :-)

Patricia A. Timms said...

I'm with Mama Kat and The Urban Cowboy...I would love to have a writer's group.

I tip-my-hat to my husband who let's me bounce ideas off of him, my sister who will read anything I write, my daughter for telling the world I'm writing books, and for my mom who makes me feel better every time I start to feel insecure about the whole thing.

Write Chick said...

Mama Kat you have the largest writer's group of all. I envy your Writers Workshop! Gearing up to participate tomorrow.

Thanks for the comments guys! My writers group is the Bold and the Beautiful...with a lot less drama than the TV show was. :-)

Tia said...

My support group is my Kitchen-Aid mixer, double oven, and baking ingredients. Nothing calms me down like baking a delicious batch of cupcakes!

Also, being in a show every summer helps me feel a little more human and a lot less robot (you know, just mechanically going through each day, fulfilling responsibilities). Yes, "theater people" can be a little strange, but performing for a live audience makes it all worthwhile.