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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

B is for BOO as in HOO

I'm pulling a double duty today. (Hahaha...I just said 'double duty'. Yes, I am still a ten year old inside.)

My blog post today is written for MamaKats Writer's Workshop and Alphabe-Thursday.

The letter this week is 'B'. The writing prompt, "Signs that your little one isn't that into you anymore."

See, I've always prided myself in being a strict, but cool mom. I have three children; an eleven year old boy, an eight year old girl, and a three year old son. They adore me. Or at least the younger two do. I tell them every day that they should worship the ground I walk on, and they are still little enough to believe me. My oldest however?

When he was little, he thought I was 'Da Bomb'.

No more.

Just a couple of days ago, I was given a sure-fire sign that this is no longer the case.

My oldest, Billy (not his real name, but we needed a B word) used to laugh and join in when I sang and danced. We did impromptu duets in the car, the kitchen, the living room.

Just for fun (I had to whisper it, because he would be mortified if he knew I said that.)

Billy has a new Best friend now. They are Buddies, compadres, pals, amigos. I get it. I do remember being that age. Anyway, I was fixing dinner, listening to the radio, singing and dancing, when they walked in the back door. Well, I'm not going to stop my grand solo just because I have an audience. However, the conversation went something like this...

Billy: Mom, what the heck are you doing?

Me: What does it look like I'm doing? I'm making dinner and singing.

Billy: No you weren't. You were trying to dance too.

Me: So?

Billy: Mom's shouldn't dance. Ever.

Me: Why not?

Billy: Cause it isn't cool. It isn't something that other moms do.

Me: Well they should.

Billy: No, No they shouldn't. Moms dance like moms.

And then it hit me. I am no longer that teenager who was president of the dance team. I am now somebody who dances like...gasp...a mom.

So Billy's new Best friend says: I wish my mom sang while she cooked dinner. She usually just yells at us that we aren't helping and tells us to set the table.

Billy: Cause that is what moms are supposed to do.

Billy's new Best friend: (shrug)

Me(losing my temper a little bit): Okay. If that's what you want. Have you done your homework and reading yet? Better go do it. While you're at it, clean your room, pick up the living room, and the garbages in the bathrooms need to be taken out. After that, get your butt back into this kitchen and set the table, and DO IT NOW!

Billy's new Best friend: (eye roll) You sort of deserved it dude. Don't diss on a mom when she's cooking dinner.

Billy: He's right. I'm sorry. Sing and dance all you want. Just Don't Do It In Front Of Us.

*End of Conversation*

I learned many things from this exchange with pre-teen boys.

A) By son now thinks I'm a dweeb (and he's sort of right)

B) I wish I could adopt his New Best Friend. (he seems to be older and wiser than my son)

C) Even though I dance like a mom, I'm still not going to stop doing it. Because I like it and it's what I do.

D) BOO HOO (My son isn't into me anymore.) *sob* *sniffle* *wipe nose on sleeve*

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mub said...

Sounds like the new best friend is a keeper!

Shannon O'Donnell said...

LOL. I LOVE this post! I smiled and chuckled all the way through it. :-)

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Oh my, been there and done that! Thanks for a smile and a memory...

Kristina P. said...

I wonder if Angelina Jolie's kids will think she's cool as they get older.

Becca said...

As a mother of a son (now 4), I loved reading this. It helps me to prepare myself for the day my son calls me a dweeb, too! Good thing I dance like a fool while cranking the tunes now ... better enjoy it while I can, right? Thanks so much for sharing! *Becca* (Adventures in Decorating)

One Mama said...

Aw, come on. All the cool moms are dancing now. Maybe my kiddos are still to young. My 4-year-old son told me yesterday that I "just don't know as many things as Daddy does." Aw..

Jo Schaffer said...

Ohhh! Hahah! Still waiting for my 12 year old to confess that I embarrass him. (=

Tonya said...

Loved this post -- we haven't yet reached the stage where I embarrass my little ones yet, but I'm sure we'll be there soon.

Pondside said...

Yes, I remember a similar experience...but wait....the day will come...you will once again be the wise one, the oracle, the keeper of secrets and the best mum in the world!...it will take about 19 years, his marriage and a child or two, but he will be looking up to you again...I promise!

Terra said...

chuckle worthy for sure...loved the double duty too!

Lois D. Brown said...

Girl, you are getting follower! Awesome. I think 1-13 are the hardest years for your kids thinking you're dork. Then, again, I've never had a sixteen year old.

Anna said...

Fun post.
My children are still pretty little, 6 and 8 years old, so this business about Mother no longer being cool is something that disappears as soon as they need me. My daughter is afraid of being alone, so she does not want me to leave her until she falls asleep at night.

But sooner or later they will become independent and not want help from me. It already happens in small ways.

Best wishes,
Sara Cat's B-post (JennyMatlock)
Anna's B-post (JennyMatlock)

sarah said...

oh my heck! how cute are you?! i loved this post! i here ya' sista! but believe me it will come full circle! i have 24yr old daughter who has to call me and text me at least 200 times a day, and my 16 year old son has to do the same thing, while trying to be cool about it, it's funny when he tells his friends to stop talking to his mom "no we are not hanging out with my mom tonight!" at this point i know my 6 yr old will never leave me... being a mom is forever, don't start feeling lonely yet sweetie! love your blog!

Jenny said...

What a wonderful link to Alphabe-Thursday!

You told this little story perfectly. I smiled and shook my head in agreement through the whole thing...well...except for the dancing part. I would never do that because ummm.... I can't dance!

Thanks for this fun link.


angie said...

I almost wrote on this prompt last week too. But, I thought it might be too depressing! Laughing. Loved reading your post!

Patricia A. Timms said...

All I have to say is Jog-A-Thon. Yep, my daughter asked me to jog behind her, way, far behind her. Just gotta love kids.

Your posts are always so funny. I gave your blog an award. Go over to my blog to retrieve it.

Susan said...

I LOVED this post!! Most of my kids friends thought I was cool and that bothered my son...HA! I so remember this...mine are now...
daughter 28
son 24
daughter 23

it does NOT get much better til they are over 25 at least.
Good Luck!